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    Best Of British Magazine
  • In the November issue of Best of British…

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    From the Editor…

    Best of British is the UK’s premier nostalgia magazine. Published since 1993, Best of British magazine is packed with stories and pictures guaranteed to bring the memories flooding back. Offering page after page of timeless reading, Best of British covers every aspect of life from the 1930s all the way through to today, recording the way it once was and demonstrating what makes Britain so special.

    At the heart of the magazine is our Yesterday Remembered section, where we explore reader’s own recollections and memories of British life gone by. Add to this dedicated stories on everything from vintage transport to great Britons, from Christmas traditions to great days out, and you have the perfect mix. Other regulars include reader favourites such as Treasures in the Attic, Baking with Mrs Simkins, 1940s Post, Postcard from… and of course our Puzzle Page and Crossword.

    We hope you enjoy reading our magazine as much as we love compiling it. In the meantime here is this month’s letter from our Editor, Chris Peachment…

    Remember, Remember…
    Welcome, dear reader to our November issue, and I wish I had something nice to say about November but it always strikes me as the least pleasant of the months, closely followed by February.

    Never mind for we can brighten your dark days a little with articles such as the Goodwood Revival, which is fast becoming the number one venue in the UK for petrol heads.

    Our 10 Best Days Out this month covers museums, which are always a good thing to go and see in the dank days before Christmas.

    We also remind you of Spike Milligan’s Puckoon, which, in my opinion, ranks as one of the funniest books written.

    November is also a time for Remembrance and this month we cover the display of ceramic poppies at the Tower of London.

    I am not usually in favour of ‘art installations’, because they are never art and always an installation which would make any builder suck his teeth and day “Who put this in for you?”

    But I think I am in favour of this one. It is well executed, and, as the crimson tide of poppies slowly spreads across the moat, it is quite moving.

    And while those poppies represent those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the safety of our country, this issue also remembers the hard work of the canal women in the Second World War.

    Although derided by traditional boating families, these ‘Idle Women’ made sure supplies were moved around the country, ensuring that the battle on the Home Front would be won as it had on the Western Front in the previous war.

    They too should never be forgotten.


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