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    Best of British is the UK’s premier nostalgia magazine. Published since 1993, Best of British magazine is packed with stories and pictures guaranteed to bring the memories flooding back. Offering page after page of timeless reading, Best of British covers every aspect of life from the 1930s all the way through to today, recording the way it once was and demonstrating what makes Britain so special.

    At the heart of the magazine is our Yesterday Remembered section, where we explore reader’s own recollections and memories of British life gone by. Add to this dedicated stories on everything from vintage transport to great Britons, from Christmas traditions to great days out, and you have the perfect mix. Other regulars include reader favourites such as Treasures in the Attic, 1940s Post, Postcard from… and of course our Puzzle Page and Crossword.

    We hope you enjoy reading our magazine as much as we love compiling it. In the meantime here is this month’s letter from our Editor, Simon Stabler…

    Noise Annoys
    It’s very difficult to get any peace and quiet round my way, even at the weekend.

    Living on a new estate means that I get woken at 7.30am on a Saturday by the builders, which is soon followed by the sound of my neighbours launching their cars at 50mph along the unfinished, narrow road, or their children, too lazy to walk to the green, hovering opposite the house, kicking stones around. They’re no threat, just very irritating.

    It isn’t, however, a new thing. After all, I grew up within earshot of a railway shunting yard, which would have been even noisier when it had a steam shed there. But with nasty noise, there’s nice noise.

    A five-minute walk from my house leads to the cricket club where the soothing sound of leather on willow is mixed with applause (when our lot are on form) and, more importantly, the noise of good beer being summoned through a hand pump.

    This issue we have a bit of an audio theme, which for something as visual as a magazine, can sometimes be a challenge to our designers. But it’s one they have certainly managed to pull off.

    Richard Bradley introduces us to his sonic armoury, where he is collecting various sounds that sum up Britain, to ensure they never fall silent, while I preview Dusty Horne’s Sound & Fury – a new play that reproduces classic film sound effects live on stage. If you’re in Edinburgh this month, it’s well worth going to see. You might even get asked to take part, like I was.

    And of course there’s our cover story, a chat with Sara Mendes da Costa, the current voice of the BT Speaking Clock. How refreshing it is that this is one area of British life that has not yet been entirely consumed by celebrity culture – though if we could pick a star as the voice of TIM, it would be Terry-Thomas, our cover star. I’d be delighted to hear your choice, so please let me know.

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