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    Best of British is the UK’s premier nostalgia magazine. Published since 1993, Best of British magazine is packed with stories and pictures guaranteed to bring the memories flooding back. Offering page after page of timeless reading, Best of British covers every aspect of life from the 1930s all the way through to today, recording the way it once was and demonstrating what makes Britain so special.

    At the heart of the magazine is our Yesterday Remembered section, where we explore reader’s own recollections and memories of British life gone by. Add to this dedicated stories on everything from vintage transport to great Britons, from Christmas traditions to great days out, and you have the perfect mix. Other regulars include reader favourites such as Treasures in the Attic, 1940s Post, Postcard from… and of course our Puzzle Page and Crossword.

    We hope you enjoy reading our magazine as much as we love compiling it. In the meantime here is this month’s letter from our Editor, Simon Stabler…

    Now, Pay Attention…
    Whenever a remake of a classic film or TV series is announced, eyebrows are raised, and often for good reason.

    Because for every success such as the recent Paddington movie, there is a glut of cinematic travesties including The Wicker Man, The Avengers and pretty much anything based on a film originally starring Michael Caine.

    However, given the pedigree of cast and crew alike, not to mention the love they have for the original series, I’m prepared to give the new Dad’s Army film a chance; an optimism shared by television historian Graham McCann, whose interview sheds some light on the gestation of the TV classic.

    Lance Corporal Jones’ van is bound to play a part in the film, one of many classic vehicles to have a starring role on the big screen over the years.

    Another was the double decker in Summer Holiday, a film that inspired one group of young people to travel the continent using the same mode of transport. Their story is included here, along with a celebration of bus spotting, a hobby that many of us are barely aware of, but which boasts hundreds of enthusiastic adherents.

    There was a time when bus fares were in £sd and in this issue Steve Windsor remembers the great changeover to decimal currency and calculates that it wasn’t as difficult as some claim. Maybe you felt differently: why not write in and let us know? But whatever you do, don’t raid your stamp collection for the postage, as Steve’s other piece on philately shows – some stamps are worth a packet.

    • In April we’ll be celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday and are looking for your memories of Britain’s longest-serving and oldest-ever monarch. Have you ever met her? Did you ever attend a royal garden party? Please do tell us all about it.

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