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    From the Editor…

    Best of British is the UK’s premier nostalgia magazine. Published since 1993, Best of British magazine is packed with stories and pictures guaranteed to bring the memories flooding back. Offering page after page of timeless reading, Best of British covers every aspect of life from the 1930s all the way through to today, recording the way it once was and demonstrating what makes Britain so special.

    At the heart of the magazine is our Yesterday Remembered section, where we explore reader’s own recollections and memories of British life gone by. Add to this dedicated stories on everything from vintage transport to great Britons, from Christmas traditions to great days out, and you have the perfect mix. Other regulars include reader favourites such as Treasures in the Attic, 1940s Post, Postcard from… and of course our Puzzle Page and Crossword.

    We hope you enjoy reading our magazine as much as we love compiling it. In the meantime here is this month’s letter from our Editor, Simon Stabler…

    A Lotta Bottle
    Changes in taste and improvements in technology have seen certain sights disappear from our streets. Central heating and refrigeration should have done away with door-to-door deliveries of coal and fish, but the other day I spotted a coalman unloading sacks from his flatbed truck, while a knock on the door from someone offering meat, fish and poultry (three things you should never buy on spec) broke my Sunday afternoon peace. Yet I can’t remember the last time I saw anybody delivering milk.

    Whatever the weather, and you’ll see from our cover story, hell and highwater, the milkman (or woman) shown on our cover was once a friendly face on our streets. Their decline is due to the convenience of supermarkets – an idea that rings hollow when braving the elements to pick up a pinta Gold Top from a shop miles away. Dairies were once at the forefront of technology: surely it wouldn’t be hard for them to cut out the middleman, courtesy of the internet?

    If supermarkets are able to deliver a last-minute order, then it can’t be too difficult to set up a website offering nothing but milk and a few farm fresh essentials? However, the cashless culture of online shopping means that we have seen the last of those ‘magic wallets’ that milkmen used to carry.

    Talking of technological innovation, our Postcard From… series visits Bedford, which is again the home of British airship development. Staying airborne, Frank Whittle, a developer of the turbojet engine is one of the individuals we are profiling this issue, and we also celebrate Sir John Betjeman’s muse, Miss Joan Hunter Dunn, original green fingers Percy Thrower, and George ‘Arthur Daley’ Cole in advance of his 90th birthday – let’s hope ‘er indoors has baked ‘im a cake.

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