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    Best of British would love to hear your memories of past decades.

    Readers’ real life stories from past decades are what make Best of British great. We welcome any recollection from the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s – even up to the 1980s.

    We’d like to hear about the clothes you wore, the places and houses you lived in and how they were decorated, the transport you used, your childhood toys and games, the books you read, holiday memories, and any memorable news events that affected you and your daily life.

    Read our tips for writing and submitting articles to Best of British magazine >>

    Subjects we are currently looking for include:

    • Your summer memories – favourite holidays, memorable day trips, good weather or bad. Did you have your picture taken by a prom photographer?
    • Memories of food past and present. For instance, if any of your local shops have a long history and are still trading or if you have a prized local product. Or do you have vivid memories of school dinner ladies or the ‘prawn cocktail and black forest gateau’ years?
    • What memories do you have of those difficult post war years? Did you live in a pre-fab? Were you anxious for change that came all too slowly?
    • Your life in the 1950s – family life, clothes you wore, food you ate, the world of entertainment, your job, car, leisure activities, where you lived and the price of housing, or the impression that advances in science and technology made on you.
    • If you are a 1950s or 1960s re-enactor, tell us about what you do, groups you belong to and events you attend.
    • Memories of wartime or the post-war years are always welcome – either first-hand accounts or details of the lives of family members from previous generations.
    • Railway memories – did you work on the railways in Britain or have special recollections of travelling by train? Did you work in a station bar or buffet, or live near a station and witness the daily comings and goings?
    • Do you have special memories of the changing seasons – such as summertime, bonfire nights and Christmas?
    • We are always looking for pictures and memories for our Snap Happy feature. Send us your favourite photos, from home life and school days to special events and family celebrations.

    Of course, there may be many more subjects about life in Britain in the past, or our history and heritage that you may be able to write about. Please let us know!

    Please send article submissions by post to Best of British, Room 101, The Perfume Factory, 140 Wales Farm Rd, London, W3 6UG.

    Read our tips for writing and submitting articles to Best of British magazine >>

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