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    In the April issue of Best of British….


    1940s Special – A 32-page pull-out

    1940s Special – A 32-page pull-out

    Brooklands – reviving the Double Twelve race

    HMS Cavalier – The WWII destroyer at The Historic Dockyard Chatham

    Fiona Harrison – Her uniform collection

    Bill Reid, VC – A Scottish hero who kept his bravery quiet

    Polish map of Scotland – An eccentric installation

    Winston and Clemmie – Churchill’s one true love

    Alan Turing – Using computers to win the war

    Sir Keith Park – the architect of the Battle of Britain

    Weekends at War – Our re-enactment events listings


    Blackpool Trams – the last first generation tramway

    Uileann Pipes – Irish pipes, Welsh piper

    Beryl Cook – Big, brassy pictures

    Airfix – celebrating 75 years

    St George’s Day – who was our patron saint?

    Mary Slessor – the forgotten missionary

    Elva – the 1950s racing team

    My Favourite Garden – four of the best public gardens

    Monty Python – Still spamming away

    Odd Sports – The Francis Frith Collection

    Bluebird – firing up Sir Malcolm Campbell’s car

    Plus regular features including Yesterday Remembered, Postbag, Bookshelf and Baking with Mrs Simkins.


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