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    Best Of British Magazine
  • In the March issue of Best of British…

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    In the March issue of Best of British….



    For Those in Peril… on board a lifeboat
    The Rise and Fall of the Empire – The Chiswick Empire remembered
    Stan Laurel
    English and Electric – Daimler’s hybrid engine from a century ago
    Paintings at the Palace – the art of royal palaces
    Saint Pat was No Saint – the truth behind the saint
    The Original Salvager – Ninety years of Portmeirion
    Up on the Roof – a Suffolk thatcher in action
    Hancock’s Vodka Mouthwash – memories of working with the star
    Reasons to be Thankful – Thankful Villages
    Maurice Wilson – a British eccentric and little-known mountaineer
    A Queen with Skinned Knuckles – Princess Elizabeth’s war service
    Piggy in the Middle – an unusual maritime mascot
    Postcard From Eastbourne
    Bandstands of Britain – the great bandstand revival
    A Comedian Worth Remembering – “Doing a Harry Worth”
    Yaroooh! – Billy Bunter on TV
    Sign of the Times – road signs that point to the past
    The Last Picture Show – the loss of the traditional projectionist’s craft
    Echo Beach – how Sir Winston Churchill is still stopping traffic
    Collectable Crests – WWI crested memorabilia
    Sir Bernard Lovell – “the Isaac Newton of radio Astronomy”


    …regular features including Yesterday Remembered, Gardening, Bookshelf, Food and Drink.

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