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  • In the October issue of Best of British….


    A Policeman’s Life – Policing in the 1950s
    Building the BT Tower – Celebrating its 50th anniversary
    Fetch the Midwife – Midwifery in the days before the NHS
    Herbert Lom – Sellers’ Sparring Partner
    Performers up to scratch? – Fleas Circuses
    Station Suppers – From fire station to top class restaurant
    The Cricketing Cowboy – Ross Salmon: The English Cowboy
    Borley Believable – The most haunted house in England?
    Pioneer of Plastic – Archibald McIndoe and the Guinea Pig Club
    Postcard from Devon
    Grand Designs – Behind the scenes on softly, softly: Task Force
    We Plough the Fields – The British National Ploughing Championships
    Otter Delight – Welcoming a friend back to the riverbank
    Blurred Lines – The East Anglian Railway Museum
    Go Directly to Jail – Bodmin Jail
    Our Gracie – Lancashire’s Original Superstar
    Whatever happened to… Peter Byrne?


    …regular features including Yesterday Remembered, Bookshelf, Food and Drink.

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